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The 10 social media metrics you should monitor

Possibly your company is already using social networks. Whether or not you have an entire social marketing program or group, you will most likely be sharing tweets and image updates, as well as answering customer inquiries. Regardless of the type of business, customers are on social networks. If you want to reach them you have no choice, you must be in them. The problem: not all strategies work the same for a business and not all social networks are the same . So you need to follow a process of identifying the good and the bad, and then measuring performance. Without this, you’ll just be guessing.

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Keeping a close eye on social media metrics is very important . With them you can measure the return on investment (roi) of the marketing work (what you actually get) and make smart decisions in the future. Ii. The 10 most important social New Zealand Phone Number List media metrics before we begin, a quick note. It is true that all social media metrics are interesting, but not all of these social media metrics may be important to you. The first step is to know why you use social networks and what you expect from them. In your goals could be: generate traffic to your website. Create brand awareness . Increase the number of followers you have. Attract leads and make sales. Or maybe you have other types of goals in mind.

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You can do this using a spreadsheet

It is key to have this point clear for your business or brand, in order to later be able to evaluate if social media marketing is bearing fruit. And now, at number 1… metric 1: social media followers it often happens that some marketers dismiss followers as one of the important social media metrics, saying that the number of followers matters as BTC Database AS much as how engaged they are with the brand. This may be true, but if expanding your reach is one of your goals, the number of followers on your account plays a big role. Especially if you sell through various social media: it makes sense that you don’t have many followers if your profile is new. But what if you’ve been working for the past 6 months on building an audience on twitter, youtube, and linkedin.

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