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21 Marketing Gurus You Can Follow Senegal Phone Number

21 Marketing Gurus You Can Follow:

Therefore, Each marketing guru provides a different perspective and area of ​​expertise that can help inspire and guide you.

Finding the right gurus means exploring your options and narrowing down your list to the best possible ones.

So here are the top 21 marketing gurus for you to explore and choose the most appropriate ones.

1. Vitor Pecanha
Therefore, Vitor Peçanha is a leader and a strong Latin American Digital Marketing guru. As the founder of Rock Content, Vitor greatly appreciates the Senegal Phone Number importance of Content Marketing and the value of creating a marketing experience to grow a business.

Vitor is also a speaker who brings the message of Content Marketing to audiences around the world, with the book ” Thanks for marketing “, published in Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to his strong presence in events and social networks.

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2.Marcus Sheridan
Therefore, Marcus Sheridan is one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing and one of the biggest success stories when it comes to the value of blogging and Content Marketing.

After his pool company struggled during the 2008 recession, Marcus began blogging every day to answer questions and provide value to customers.

He now runs a sales and Content Marketing empire known as Sales Lion.

3.Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin was CEO of Moz, one of the biggest and best Digital Marketing and SEO metrics websites.

Specializing in SEO strategies and execution plans, Rand has worked to create an innovative algorithm that has helped many businesses take control of their SEO and reporting.

His famous blog discusses SEO trends and provides detailed information on the subject.

4. Jennifer Polk
A big part of Digital Marketing today is managing a multi-channel approach that has many different touchpoints between technology, platforms, and software.

Jennifer Polk is a marketing guru who helps industry leaders understand a complete approach to their Digital Marketing programs.

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He Excels at Brand Awareness,

He Excels at Brand Awareness, increasing customer engagement, and understanding e-commerce approaches.

5. Scott Stratten
Therefore, Scott Stratten started out in the music industry as a marketer, but has since become one of the foremost authorities on video marketing and disruptive aspects of marketing in general.

He is also a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and consultant to major corporations.

Scott is a great marketing guru for those who want to take advantage of changes in the industry and help their brand stand out.

6. Jay Baer
Therefore, Jay Baer is a big name in word of mouth and viral marketing . She also has several podcasts and her own digital marketing agency to help turn her clients into brand advocates .

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