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3 Ways to Make Your B2B Brand Break the India Phone Number

As a content writer for a number of B2B clients, I’ve gone through e-books, white papers, and infographics with the same tone of voice.

This is not due to writer’s block, laziness, or even my own choice. It’s rather what the client wanted… Sure. To clean. Boring.

And, as you know, the customer gets what he wants.

There is nothing wrong with a safe and clean copy. It serves a purpose. In marketing, clarity and simplicity of message is paramount – but I can’t help but think there needs to be more .


Good content is at the heart of good content marketing. Good writing is at the heart of good content. At the heart of good writing is an irresistibly convincing tone. So why do so many B2B copies sound the same?

make no excuses

There’s no reason B2B brands should be India Phone Number boring. Sure, they may have a smaller, more selective audience and write about niche topics, but that’s no excuse for content that doesn’t engage or spark interest.

The B2B abbreviation does not help. Business-to-business marketing is not what it claims to be. Nobody sells to a company – we always sell to people. The truth is, all B2B marketing is B2C marketing because at the end of the day, everyone is a consumer .


B2B professionals are just consumers who have niche technical knowledge or a business need. Much like a B2C audience, they buy brands that communicate clear benefits and leave a lasting emotional impression.

Break the mold

So how can B2B content marketing be less bland AND more branded ?

The truth is, B2B marketing is in dire need of a systemic overhaul…and a blog post won’t solve that problem. But there are three ways B2B companies can start developing engaging and provocative brand voices that will resonate with audiences, create brand evangelists, and encourage consumers through the sales funnel.


  1. Take a risk

The one who dares wins.

Doing something different can be risky – but it’s the only way B2B brands can expect to be heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace. That doesn’t mean B2B brands should go the gimmicky route with cheap gags and promotional ploys.

Content marketing isn’t about attention for attention’s sake – it has to be the right kind of attention, from the right kind of audience. Any form of consumer awareness should focus on a clear message of the benefits derived from using the B2B product.

India Phone Number

However, the fear of losing key messages about product capabilities often keeps B2B brands in the boring zone.

Compelling content and a clear product message are not mutually exclusive . You really can have both. SunGard’s infographic on zombie attacks is a particularly striking example:


The chart stylishly communicates essential information about migrating to the cloud. An example like this works because:

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