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4 quick tools to help an audience share your Malaysia Phone Number

As social channels gain traction in search marketing, the need to create content that people want to share becomes crucial for an inbound campaign. A 2014 study by Social Media Examiner found that 92% of respondents identified social media as “important to business.” So why do brands always share unoriginal and lackluster content?

It’s easy, that’s why. Too many brands think it’s better to share something than leave social channels to birdsong.

As brands gain momentum with social media marketing, they need to come up with fresh, share-worthy content every time . The new digital landscape Malaysia Phone Number calls for creativity and visual assets for social channels.


Not every brand can be BuzzFeed or Upworthy, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to settle for mediocre social media marketing. Energizing your content to increase shares is possible even if you work with “boring” B2B content.

Here are four easy-to-use tools that can help you motivate your audience to ‘like’, share, retweet, pin, +1, and more.


Slider sites – where images and text rotate – are all the rage. Why does an established brand need a whole new website to keep up with the latest slider craze? This is not the case.

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You can skip the website redesign and create visuals with Bunkr.

Above all, Bunkr allows brands to create their own unique slider. Want to add a little strategy to your Bunkr slide? Identify the top performing blog posts on your website and recycle the content into a Bunkr slide. If the content is popular in a text format, cleaning it up and presenting it in this awesome tool will surely gain popularity on social channels. Studies have shown that posts with images get more shares and retweets, and providing a clickable image with a slider is easy with Bunkr.


Thrill Scavenger Hunt recently used Bunkr to create a custom slideshow for PR purposes. While a blog post would have sufficed, it’s a format that has become obsolete and irrelevant. Speaking to local bloggers and the media to promote an upcoming singles scavenger hunt, co-founder Heather Piper created a quick three-slide site to share with the media and her social networks. Its outreach was different, simple and provided everything needed to promote the event.


Why Bunkr deserves your attention:


  • Marked as a presentation tool, each appears as its own website.
  • It can help you pack a cool wrapped message.
  • Clear and beautiful slides can incorporate existing branded videos and graphics.
  • New to the scene, Bunkr’s beta is free.

Sound slides

Above all, In 2015, innovative brands are leaning more towards storytelling as part of their content initiatives. To stand out, big brands are turning to images, media files and other creative digital assets to tell their stories.


Soundslides can help a brand share its story with a creative flair made for social sharing. Creating a slideshow takes image creation one step further, but creating a slideshow with audio is the ultimate extra step.


Why Soundslides deserves your attention:

  • It easily converts slideshows to videos.
  • It creates a mobile-friendly storytelling asset.
  • It syncs audio with photos.

Available in two editions, Soundslides Basic provides an adequate interface for novice slideshow creators. Advanced users may appreciate the additional features of Soundslides Plus, including image panning and zooming, click options, and full-screen playback.



Would your audience like to get a glimpse of your brand’s web tools, processes or resources? Could video tutorials about your service or product increase engagement and conversion rates?

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