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5 mobile SEO mistakes that are sabotaging your marketing efforts

Because webmasters are always struggling to get search traffic, the better they optimize your pages for search engines, the more chances you have to rank your content and the more traffic you drive to your site. Thats not all; it also means that you will make a lot of money (as long as your site is optimized for conversions). It doesn’t matter if you’re into blogging, content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, or e-commerce, the challenge is the same. Every website owner is looking for the right skills needed to make their sites perform better on serps (search engine results pages).

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However, when implementing seo strategies, one area that most people often don’t pay adequate attention to is mobile seo . In the current era, mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular. Any marketer who isn’t already paying attention to mobile traffic isn’t Armenia Phone Number List doing seo right. As more and more people started using mobile devices for every task that used to be possible only on the desktop, one thing became clear: the mobile web has been gradually taking over the internet. And, i’m not just talking about surfing the net. I’m talking about everything from exploring social networking sites, checking emails, collaborating with teams, and shopping.

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Apart from all these obvious facts

According to statcounter com , mobile users are 53.03% of the total number of people accessing the internet, while computer users are 42.19% and tablets are 4.78%. Furthermore, in an article on the hallaminternet blog, jonathan ellins stated that: “in 2016, we saw a growing number BTC Database AS of people using tablets and mobile devices instead of desktops to browse the internet. On average, the combined number of mobile and tablet users eventually surpassed the number of desktop users all over the world”. Therefore, it is important for site owners and internet marketers to pay more attention to the mobile version, so that they benefit more from these mobile users when accessing their sites.

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