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6 Essential WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is a popular platform, but vulnerable to security , it is important for us to keep our wordpress blog secure. Here i am sharing some essential wordpress security tips, which will help you keep your blog safe and secure. As wordpress is the most popular open source software for blogging, it is the main target of many malicious attacks. Fortunately, by dint of being open source software, wordpress has plenty of protective plugins, features, and techniques to save you. When used together, these tools can protect you from vicious activities, hacking , spam, and other threats.

Disable directory search enabling

Let’s take a look at some of these techniques: always update: always update your wordpress theme and plugin to the latest version. Upgrading may fix any security bugs from the previous version, so it is advisable to upgrade. 2. Hide your wordpress version number: for some Costa Rica Phone Number List reason, if you can’t update to the latest version of wordpress, don’t let hackers know your current version. Since bugs from older versions are known to everyone throughout wordpress org, it will be easier for them to attack your website . You can hide your wordpress version number by following the instructions below: if you are using an older theme, remove the following line from your theme’s header php file: php bloginfo. Be very careful with the installation of plugins. Weak plugins may have faulty code through which other code can be injected, sql queries, or other harmful activities can be performed, to harm your site or ranking.

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Prevention is better than cure

Check the ratings and popularity of the plugin before installing it. And, to be sure, read the reviews or ask your blogging friends about the plugin you are going to use. When updating plugins to the latest version, make sure you do it correctly. 4. Secure administrator BTC Database AS account: prior to wordpress version 3.0, the default wordpress installation used to come with an ‘admin’ administration account as the username. As hackers know this, they will always try this. Make sure your admin account username is not easy to guess like ‘admin’, ‘yoursitename’ or ‘yourname’. If you already did or if you had installed a version of wordpress prior to 3.0, you must change it. Check here, how to change wordpress default username security using phpmyadmin. 5.

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