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7 on page SEO checks you should carry out regularly

Keeping in mind the importance of seo, here are 7 important checks that you should carry out periodically to ensure that your on-page seo is adequate. Note: although these checks are for people running a wordpress blog, they can be used by any blogger on any platform. 1. Check that there are no broken links on your site. Pages with broken links (be it an internal or external link), can lose ranking in search results. Even if you have control over internal links , you won’t have control over external links . There is a strong possibility that a web page or resource you linked to no longer exists or has been.

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There are a plethora of ways to check for broken links, but one of the easiest and most efficient ways is with screamingfrog seo software. To find broken links on your site Turkey Phone Number List using screamingfrog, enter your domain’s url in the space provided and click the “get started” button . Once the crawl is complete, select the ‘response codes’ tab and filter the results by “client error (4xx)” . Click on each broken link and then select the ‘inlinks’ tab to see which page(s) actually contain this broken link. (refer to the image below) . If you are using wordpress, you can also use a plugin like broken link checker . This plugin will find and fix all broken links.

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Another way to check for broken links is through the google search console. Sign in and go to crawl crawl errors and look for “404” and “not found” errors in the url errors section . If you find 404 urls, click on the url and then go to the linked BTC Database AS from tab to see which page(s) contains this broken url. 2. Use the site command to check for the presence of low-value pages in the google index. The command operator “site: sitename com” returns all the pages of your site indexed by google. By roughly scanning these results, you should be able to check. If all indexed pages are of good quality or. If there are some low value pages present. Quick tip: if your site has a lot of pages. Change google search’s settings to show 100 results at a time. In this way, you can easily scan all the results quickly.

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