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8 Non Obvious Tips to Promote Your Content Argentina Phone Number

Good content doesn’t do much if the right audience isn’t exposed to it.

Most marketers know of many ways to promote content, including sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Nevertheless, new ways to promote content are popping up all the time that aren’t so obvious even to seasoned marketers. Here are eight non-obvious content promotion tips to leverage in content marketing:

Meerkat and periscope

Meerkat and Periscope, owned by Twitter, are relatively new platforms that offer the ability.


How can companies use Meerkat or Periscope for content distribution? Suppose the president of your company is giving a speech at an event. You will save it to post it on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. But what about the live broadcast of the speech? Meerkat and Periscope allow you to share this speech with all your Twitter followers in real time. Similarly, any company that hosts conferences can


Stream part or all of the event, providing that content to an even wider audience.

Even though these streaming services are relatively new, brands are already getting on board. Many organizations have tried their hand at Periscope: Park rangers at Glacier National Park gave viewers a tour of the beautiful landscape; GE aired a top science conversation with Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson; and Adidas revealed the signing of a contract with one of its best athletes.


Although audiences for traditional print media are declining, online readership continues to thrive. Flipboard allows companies to capitalize on this viewing growth through the creation of a digital magazine.

With Flipboard, businesses can not only promote their own content, but also curate the best content in their industry or vertical to create a personalized magazine for online consumption. The magazines by Flipboard are not only beautifully but also provide excellent user experience for desktop, mobile and tablet users.

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Another great feature of Flipboard is the ability to mention users – and the benefit here is twofold. First, you can alert named users that their content is in Argentina Phone Number your magazine, which can prompt them to share with their own network. Second, you can find potential users who are in your industry who like similar content, and alert those people to your Flipboard magazine.

If your business is in an industry that covers many topics, create a separate Flipboard magazine for each. Likewise, if your business spans many locations, create Flipboards to incorporate local content. Want to see real-life examples of brands doing well? Check out Woodford Reserve Whiskey, the Betterment investment service and the Chicago Tribune.

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