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9 Types of Social Media Content Indonesia Phone Number

9 Types of Social Media Content You Can Use

To create quality content, it is very important to recognize the types of content available that can be part of your initiatives.

Next, we will show you the most attractive and popular formats that exist so that you can get the most out of your posts.

The contents are the basis of almost any social network that exists out there. Since they are materials that can take . The necessary form to transmit a message to the audience.

However Branded Content or Brand

However, content or brand content Indonesia Phone Number are those that are originally by you or your marketing team and have the purpose of showing something to the identity of the organization and serve to increase engagement.

2. Infographics
Infographics have been a total success on social platforms like Instagram or Twitter for some time because of the visual elements they add and the ability to add value to the audience.

They are also excellent traffic generators thanks to being easily shareable content.

to this, interactive infographics can boost efficiency even more; allowing users to discover the content through interactions with the material.

3. Testimonial Videos
Nothing convinces a lead more than a testimonial or success story from a brand client.

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They Are a Perfect Type of Social Media

They are a perfect type of social content to influence the potential consumer’s decision making, help the brand stand out from its competitors, serve as social proof of satisfaction and get rid of objections.

4.User Content
User -content is basically material a brand’s audience.

For example, posting a Stories on Instagram tagging your brand and talking about their experience is UGC. Which can be by the organization as a promotional piece.

Generally, the UGC is after a hashtag campaign on a social network, betting on attracting the attention of users and generating conversation around the brand.

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