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Clearly produce more engagement than a qualitative and relevant article. Open questions open many debates on Linkedin. Remember to ask them regularly to build up a knowledge base. A question is easy to write and therefore easy to read. Do not hesitate to work on this axis which will allow you to speak up and bounce back on the answers given. Practice this exercise regularly, because it requires no or no thought work such as content to produce. If you also nee to produce content and it’s a proven fact, write down the topics you want to cover. Remember to set deadlines, deadlines, so as not to put off your work.

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Until later For example set yourself a goal of 1 to 2 contents every 2 weeks (adjust according to your possibilities).Social selling has quickly become essential for sales players. If we try to find out where our customers are today, there is no doubt that a Indonesia Phone Number List majority of them are present on social networks. And among them, the social network Linkedin is particularly suitable for social selling . To make the most of it, here are some basic rules to follow. Create a Linkedin profile without fail If you use the web, you know that it is impossible to think of a professional social network without thinking of Linkedin.

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This platform has more than 16 million users. It is therefore an ideal place to find the people you nee but also to present your assets to them. Linkedin Profiles For this, it is essential to create a quality profile that will catch the eye and seduce. Several criteria BTC Database AS must be taken into account for an effective Linkedin profile. Linkedin profile and cover photo Enhance your professional image and present the advantages of your company or your products/services. It goes through the visual. A user will not stop at a dull and unattractive profile. Feel free to use very.

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