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A tool to measure the technical performance

When you run an e-commerce website, it is not necessarily easy to analyze its performance. However, it is on them that the turnover depends. The appyuser software allows you to link the performance of your site with user satisfaction, to quickly detect the causes of problems. Discover the characteristics of this tool developed for e-commerce . A user experience evaluation tool developed by the consulting firm quadran, appyuser is a solution for measuring user experience and satisfaction on a website. Its purpose is to analyze ergonomic performance and to precisely and quickly detect the causes of problems.

Quick and clear identification of the causes

It is designed for all types of businesses, regardless of their size and sector. Appyuser works in saas mode and is very easy to install: after creating a free account on the platform, you will have tags to insert in the header and footer of your site. This will have absolutely no impact Czech Republic Phone Number List on users. You will then have easy access to your data and the analyzes carried out. Indicators to measure user satisfaction the appyuser tracker starts by collecting a large amount of data from your site. Then, several parameters are used to account for the user experience . First, the display time , and the display end time.

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You will be able to understand what are the factors

The first corresponds to the duration between the user’s click and the display of the content, the second to the duration between the click and the moment when BTC Database AS the interaction is possible. The software also analyzes the display time of the site by the internet user. Of problems the purpose of appyuser is to identify the cause of problems that users are having. Do they come from the isp or from the internet user’s equipment, from the host, from the servers, or quite simply from the content of the site? That slow down the development of your site

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