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How does the B2B enterprise marketing department prove its value? In the 2021 China Digital Marketing Innovation and Growth Conference, Mr. Hong Kai, Chairman and CEO of JINGdigital, started from his own experience and shared his own experience when he was the senior vice president of Cisco China. Mr. Hong Kai said; “At that time, I Responsible for Cisco’s services business, which includes channel and marketing. Budget season is the most painful time as the head of marketing, because I have to argue for my budget, but I am not sure about my budget ROI It is unclear and unclear.

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On the other hand, the KPI of the marketing department is often how many events are held. However, how many potential customers come in, and to what extent the potential customers are converted into sales recognized performance, this is impossible to prove. This is also the status quo of most companies today. Therefore, the marketing department is South Africa Mobile Number List often the cost center of a company.” But when the company has developed to this day, the companies that took the lead in digital transformation have broken the shackles of the cost center in the past. “Currently, the marketing of enterprises is more and more result-oriented, revenue-oriented, and departmental performance-orient.

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It can be said that when the leader of the B2B enterprise began to recognize all my user data. The belong to a single department, it doesn’t belong to the sales department. It doesn’t belong to the marketing department, it belongs to the company. Then, from marketing to sales, and finally to customer service, everything revolves around the customer. At this stage , the enterprise began to open up various data islands and provide each. User with a unique, single and identifiable user portrait. Because the data was opened up, the problem of collaboration and cooperation. Within the enterprise’s internal organizational structure was solv. So the enterprise could track the end-to-end marketing effect. The ultimate impact of each marketing activity on corporate marketing can be measured and quantified.” Mr. Hong Kai said in the summit sharing.

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