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About Spirits Scoo And Demobilizations

In the army, for a long time, there was a caste system. When soldiers of different service life belonged to a certain and their own social group, performing group.Wide duties and obeying not only the leader “in the service. But also according to the hierarchy in the barracks. This is called “hazing”. Whether it is correct or not, we will leave it to the army to decide. We will take over with you some of these orders and rules.

Let’s save the hierarchy:

  • “Demobilization” – an experienced old-timer who is about to go to. “Free bread” if we do not keep him in the company;
  • “Grandfather” – an experienced old-timer who understands. All the principles, and a very useful employee, and even able to work independently under the control of “grandfather.
  • “Cherpak” – he did not become a grandfather, there is little experience.But he “drags” no worse than “grandfather”, but he needs supervision.
  • “Spirit” – no one, a runner, the person is not of great value. But carries a large load of duties for which he is responsible and which other employees do not want or cannot perform.
  1. Demobilization is an employee who

  2. has outgrown his job, quit within five minutes. He is called Bahrain Phone Numbers demobilization because he would have left you sooner. Or later and would have founded his own company or gone to a competitor for a large salary. But you and I are so smart that we built a motivation system so that they “dig the ground. Not for themselves, not a company! “Demobilization” is responsible to you “for the bush” – for everything in the segment entrusted to him and determined by this “bush”. Dembel is responsible for the principles of work and for the TOP-5 clients and TOP-5 breakthrough areas (clients, cities, transactions).
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  4. Grandfatheris an internal competitor

  5. to the “demobilization”. Will “Demobilization” dig the ground – well done. Stops, call him to you and say to him: “if you don’t change your mind, I’ll change places with your Grandfather.” “Grandfather is able” to close any deals, but we are limited only to work for the future, on breakthrough areas and for “A” clients.
  6. “Cherpak” – the workhorse of the “bush”, “nedoded”, having limited rights, but unlimited duties. Everything that interferes or is too lazy to do “grandfather” – it works out “scoop”.
  7. The “Spirit” doesn’t control anything, but he’s not a useless member of the team. This is someone who can perform routine “red tape” work, freeing up experienced “wolves” to lead the team to the goal. If the “spirit” does not become a “scoop” after a while, then it must become a cool “spirit” and a very useful member of the team. if this is not so, drive him in the neck.
  8. Everyone on the team must know their role.
  9. Everyone in the team (“in the bush”, in the unit) should know that tomorrow they can level up with those above them;
  10. BUT! No one, except you, should understand that not all nature is given to become a “demobilization”. Therefore, you or your ROP (head of sales) need to constantly monitor the situation in the bushes and model processes, relationships, determine places in the team and what or who is missing in the bush.

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