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How To Use Wechat Public Account Marketing

Automated marketing methods can help the sales team reduce labor costs and increase the order rate by scoring potential users and shortening the routine ordering process. A global diversified technology company that produces tens of thousands of innovative products and occupies a leading position in core markets such as medical products, highway safety, office cultural and educational products, and optical products. It provides products and services to customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. Its products penetrate into human life and greatly change the way people live and work.

The quality of sales leads cannot be verified, and sales spend a lot of energy on useless leads or long-term potential customers. Manual ordering procedures are lengthy and cumbersome, and sales waste a lot of time doing repetitive work.

WeChat Marketing Automation Reduces B2b Labor

Identify potential customers and extend their duration on WeChat. Through offline exhibitions and other forms, B2B brand officials will accumulate a large number of potential customers. JINGdigital configures a specific WeChat QR code for each sales and different exhibition. When potential customers scan the code and pay attention, information. The scene they are in will be recorded in the background. Each QR code triggers a specific welcome journey to Cambodia Mobile Number List to interact with potential customers based on the differences in their scenarios. This move also deepens and prolongs the impression and memory time. Of potential users on the brand at the first time, and at the same time greatly improves. The retention rate of fans on the brand’s official WeChat account. At the same time, the action track of potential customers in the WeChat official account. Will also be recorded one by one as tags, making their portraits more three-dimensional and clear.

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Increases Sales Order Rate By

Implement a scoring mechanism, and follow up on sales. Through step 1, the individual portrait of potential customers in WeChat is no longer hazy. In addition, JINGdigital sets a scoring mechanism for each WeChat fan. Reading pictures, sharing, leaving messages, clicking on menus, entering micro-sites, and other behavioral trajectories, activity frequency, and duration, each item is assigned a different score, which is accumulated as the score for each individual potential customer.

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