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Accurate Customer Acquisition Through Corporate Wechat

In the post-epidemic era, ToB companies use corporate WeChat to build online channels to accelerate digital transformation. If your company is trying to use corporate WeChat marketing to accurately acquire customers, the following three aspects must be clarified. More and more enterprises are beginning to use enterprise WeChat, but many people are not clear about the difference between the positioning of enterprise WeChat and WeChat. Enterprise WeChat and WeChat are essentially different. WeChat is a social software for individuals; while enterprise WeChat is toB’s business office software, serving various enterprises and organizations. Although the two are interoperable, they belong to different platforms.

These Three Questions Must Be Clarifi

Wechat can only add up to 5,000 people, but no number of corporate WeChat users can be online, and you can apply for expansion when it is full. If WeChat needs to add automatic reply content, it can only use third-party WeChat tools, but Philippines Cell Phone Number List enterprise WeChat has inherit. The advantages of public accounts in mass messaging. Not only can you set up automatic message replies, but also support. The sending of pictures, texts, audios, videos and other diverse content to corporate WeChat friends. Which is convenient for companies to do marketing and convey valuable content.

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Using Corporate Wechat You Can Publish

In addition, if you want to tag users, WeChat needs to set tags one by one, which cannot be done in batches, while enterprise WeChat can select multiple users in batches at one time, select from existing enterprise tags, or customize new tags.

The most important difference between corporate WeChat and WeChat is employee management. WeChat has no restrictions on employees’ behavior. After the employee leaves, the corporate customer resources. Will be taken away with the employee’s personal WeChat. The corporate WeChat perfectly solves the problem of customer resource loss. Effectively transfers customer resources, and assigns the customers of the resigned employee to other employees to follow up.

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