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Brands when selecting influencers. When you dive into the statistics It is important to go around. All the social networks on which the influencer is present. An influencer is not equally active or influential. Across all of their accounts. Influencer performance statistics. Witness campaigns where, for example, the same video will not obtain the same results depending on.Whether it is publishe on TikTok or on Instagram. The Stellar tool allows you to easily access all the. Performance of each publication and for each social. network Instagram TikTok Facebook. YouTube and Twitter.At a glance, you can then compare the.

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Results and determine the best performing and most relevant social network for your collaboration and campaign with the influencer. Actual and projecte performance The Stellar tool collects all of these statistics to measure the performance of each content creator , and if you encode the budgets spent, their ROI. That’s not all: Stellar also makes Bahrain Phone Number List predictions base on the influencer’s past results and average performance. Thus, Stellar calculates and estimates for you: the cost but also the reach, the commitment, the impressions, the views of your campaign. Not to mention profitability with EMV, ROI and efficiency metrics (CPM, CPC, CPV and CPS). What you give the marbles to anticipate the success of your future.

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Collaborations The selection of an influencer is a determining task for the success of your influence campaigns, which should in no case be neglecte. Using an influencer marketing platform, like Stellar , is recommende as it will simplify your analytical work and help you considerably in selecting the right creators. The time allocate to this mission will also BTC Database AS be greatly reduce. Using an influencer marketing tool requires an annual or monthly subscription.But this investment allows you to directly save money by investing in the right influencer for your campaigns. You will also be able to allocate more of your time to other projects. The ret an essential social network for sharing.

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