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In this software robot is likely to experience a boom on social networks. Indee, a large number of companies have already taken the plunge. By shifting their commercial activity more and more to platforms such as Messenger. WhatsApp, Twitter or Skype. All sectors of activity and all forms of business (e-commerce, catering, travel, information. Will be concerne Here is an example of a Chatbot name Swelly. Trends Chatbot Swelly. This is a social media, social voting robot that helps answer consecutive questions, when creating a vote. 3. Videos and virtual reality On social networks, video is an excellent lever for facilitating and increasing engagement with your community.

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Community managers use it regularly to work on organic reach and therefore engagement by extension. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to go through the Luxembourg Phone Number List upload of his videos rather than sharing links from his YouTube video channl for example. It will therefore be important to see how to favor the spaces in which the company is present. The video represents 22 billion views every day on social networks! Video is a powerful relay with multiple uses: Demonstration of product and services, Presentation of promotional offers, Unboxing to bring to life the experience of unboxing a product.

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The creation of tutorials or training, lives, And many others that are all levers that allow you to use video in a professional setting, or through influence marketing campaigns . More and more brands are using it on social networks, but they are still not BTC Database AS able to exploit its true potential. The 2018 trends around video? In any case, in 2018, video is likely to develop further on social platforms for anyone wishing to increase their engagement and visibility. It will also be increasingly share on fan pages (in the case of Facebook) and in different forms. Thus, virtual reality could well give it a new.

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