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WP Advanced Ads Review A Powerful WordPress Ad Management Plugin

When you start a blog, there are many ways you have to make money. But one of the most effective methods to achieve this is by displaying ads on your website. While getting started with displaying and managing ads on your site is fairly straightforward, once you start generating more traffic and potential advertisers, you’ll likely need a simple tool or plugin to help you better manage your ads. Advertisements and their positioning. That is exactly what wp advanced ads does . It’s a tool we use to manage what and where ads are shown, collect statistics, and much more. In this advanced ads review , i’ll show you exactly how this free/premium plugin can help you do the same for your blog.

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It works with all major ad networks and you can also use it to manage your own ads (either affiliate offers or direct ad sales). It has many features and options, reasonable prices, regular updates, and excellent support. With the free version, you can: create and display an Ghana Phone Number List unlimited number of ad units. Automatically inject ads into specific areas of your website (such as your posts and pages). Rotate ads to display different offers. Schedule ads and/or set expiration dates. Set ads to specific types of users (based on device or login status). With the pro/add-ons version, you can also: sell ​​ads directly to people. Create targeted ads by geolocation. Add ads to google amp pages. Collect statistics to analyze the performance of your ads and much more. If you are looking for an advertising platform as part of your wordpress site monetization strategy, then advanced ads should definitely be on your list to review and consider.

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The free version is chosen by most users, but on the other hand, advanced users can rest assured that the pro version of advanced ads has everything they need and more. Ad creation creating a new listing is easy. It only consists of 3 aspects: ad , group BTC Database AS and location . Advertisements: select the type of ad you want to create. Advanced ads allows you to create ads using: plain text and html, css, javascript or php code insertion: a generic text/code editor. This is true for most ads from third-party services, as well as custom adsense ads . Adsense ad : they make it easy to insert standard adsense ads. Content-rich ads: allow you to make full use of the wordpress tinymce editor, complete with shortcodes, image uploads.

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