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Would you buy financial advice from someone who doesn’t know how to manage their own finances ? SEO training from a seller that doesn’t even appear on Google? Or even a cooking course from someone who doesn’t know how to cook? Certainly the Estonia Phone Number answer to these questions was “no”, because we cannot trust those who do not have full knowledge of their area of ​​expertise.

That is why it is so important to have a blog. From the moment you start producing and publishing blog posts , your audience realizes how well you know a given topic and begins to trust everything you post.

This is critical for sales, because once people start following your content, when it comes time to buy products or services like the ones you offer, the first choice they’ll remember is you .

Visibility in Search Engines

Search engines place the most relevant websites and blogs at the top of the queries made by users.

To do this, both SEO techniques and good content production practices are taken into account, such as:

periodicity : the engines consider blogs that bring new content frequently to be important, so the ideal is that it be updated at least once a week;
content quality – Google has taken user experience more into account , so only quality, well-written, and really useful content for readers wins top positions.
This year, e-commerce sales grew rapidly, fueled by the pandemic . In addition, audiences that previously preferred to shop offline, such as people over 60, have also joined the habit of shopping online.

With this increase in the public willing to buy on the internet, blogs are becoming more important.

Once the blog offers content on a particular niche, it begins to attract people interested in it, which is the first step to offering related products or services.

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How Is It Possible to Make Money With a Blog?

How is it possible to make money with a blog?
Now that you know the reasons that make it possible to monetize a blog, let’s see what are the main ways to do it.

affiliate marketing
Some people think that Internet sales are only for their own products or services, which is not true.

You can also sell third-party products and earn a commission for each sale, it ‘s called Affiliate Marketing.

There are several platforms that offer product affiliations in the market – Monetizze in Brazil and Amazon in Latam and worldwide are some of them -, so you can choose the most appropriate products for your audience.

If your niche is weight loss, for example, online courses that teach weight loss practices are the most suitable.

But, you must be wondering how to promote these products on the blog, right?

The affiliate link can be present in strategic parts of the blog, such as the main menu, the sidebar and within the texts and banners.

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