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Age gender but also location These criteria are found in the influencer analysis sheets but also at the influencer discovery stage in the Stellar search engine. You can also analyze and filter your content creator’s audience basd on their audience’s interests. Indee, in influence marketing, the most important thing is not to find the one with the largest community but the one whose subscribers are sensitive to your products and your values. In your step of analyzing the quality of a content creator, one of the main criteria concerns the credibility of his audience and the detection of “fakes” or profiles with too many fake.

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Accounts The Stellar solution gives you a directly accessible indicator calle “Audience Credibility Score” which qualifies an influencer according to the authenticity of their audience. This rating is a guarantee of quality. How to evaluate an influencer? Finally, in your analysis of the profile of your potential influencer, it is also important to look carefully at the mentions and identifications of commercial partnerships that the creator has made with other brands. Stellar directly   reports this type Bahamas Mobile Number List of information. You can then access previous partnerships and know when they took place. Performance statistics To qualify your influencers , you can rely on numerical indicators calle KPIs . Among the main statistics, we find the.

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When You Dive Into The Statistics

Reach metrics The indicators then gather the number of followers, the number of impressions of the post or the number of views of the videos. The reach then corresponds to the number of people who are affecte by the influencer’s publications, organically or by paying. There are also engagement statistics. The commitment brings together all the BTC Database AS reactions obtaine by a publication. It takes into account the number of shares, comments, Likes, and clicks on the content. Base on the number of reactions, the engagement rate is calculate. This KPI is very important because it measures the target’s reaction to content. The engagement rate is one of the most important criteria for.

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