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The Fourth Step Is To Build An Ecosystem

In the next step Lilac Garden will match the life cycle stage of the product to the corresponding doctor-level needs, and plan social, learning, humanistic and influential content to help doctors complete the marketing required at the demand level.Only based on the label system can we stratify doctor users, know which marketing strategies match which layer of target doctor users, and finally reach them with more refined content and channels. In this process, Lilac Garden “accidentally” learned who the potential audience and opportunity audience are in addition to the target doctor users.

The Next Marketing Strategy

So in this process how to achieve more accurate matching of target doctors, more frequent contact of ecological scenarios, and more appropriate transmission of key information? Lilac Garden is consistently building a doctor user label system. In addition to the continuation of 4 types of core static labels, including cities, hospitals, departments and professional Iceland Mobile Number List titles, 10 new types of dynamic content labels have been added, including pathology, indications, drug ingredients, and brands. , products, experts, theories, experiments, current events and customization, this tag system is based on the online behavior of doctors and users, including past browsing records, collection records, interaction records, and personal preference records.

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Based On The Above Three Steps

The data also gave Lilac Garden two inspirations. First, for enterprises, there is no absolutely outdated model. Ms. Zuo Yuhan always heard some companies saying that they hoped to innovate. Their marketing strategies in the process of connecting with the customers of pharmaceutical companies. In fact, due to the special doctor users they serve, their core demands have always been very simple. I hope there are More clinically relevant cases and better curricula. So marketing strategies can focus on iteration and optimization. Without having to completely break remodeling. Second, for users, the more content, the more lack of content. This means that there is no need to have too much content, but to produce the content that the target audience needs at the moment.

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