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If feasible. Enable a page with all the information on the means of payment and place it in a highly visible place without having to wait for the time to pay so that the customer finds out if you have that option or not. The more you facilitate the possibilities. The more you will transform rejection into trust. A great tip! Keep in mind that if you use a payment gateway.

It is very likely that you will remove the customer from your online store. Running the enormous risk that they will be disconnected from the commercial objective and their motivation to purchase will fade . It is always convenient for you to explain convincingly and on the same page what the process will be like and how it can be done . 4.

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Security in your elements or you’ve been operating a large-scale retailer Jamaica phone number with hundreds of products for some time now. All the information you collect from your customers. Such as their personal and transactional data. Should be stored in the site’s database. In fact. It is very possible that you collect the details of each of your customers. Including their personal address.

Phone number or entire purchase history. And of course. You don’t want any of this sensitive data to be compromise or hack. If data on your site. Especially data involving the consumer. Is stolen. It will be nearly impossible for you to rebuild the relationship and trust you intended . Therefore.

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The question is: how to protect your database from possible violations? The good news is that at fuego yámana we have a strategic alliance with bee web hosting and we can offer you a service with our own servers and the best application of security protocols in order to protect and monitor all the data of your online store . 5.

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