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If we only observe the three giants of domestic enterprise service software from the perspective of “collaborative office”: it is obvious that “Dingding” is good at management, “Feishu” is better than user experience, and “Enterprise WeChat” is more focused on connection. Under the internal demand of “collaborative office”, various enterprise service software backed by Internet giants has entered the market in recent years, accurately delineating B-end users. Just as Dingding and Enterprise WeChat stepped on the drumbeat of the times in the 2020 epidemic, ushering in an outbreak of users. The top enterprise service software has enjoyed the dividends of the Internet, and it is bound to continue to attack in the blue ocean of ToB. However, just looking at this market from the perspective of “collaborative office”, corporate WeChat is overkill. Beneath the iceberg of internal enterprise applications, the greater and lesser-known potential capabilities lie in the keyword “connection”.

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In 2021, we have insight into the ability of enterprise WeChat to continuously emerge. In the process of serving B2B enterprises. This ability runs through cross-departmental application scenarios. Of B2B enterprises from “marketing” to “sales”, from “service” to “interconnection”.On this basis, on July 2 this year, the “Vertical and Horizontal Growth. China UAE Mobile Number List Digital Marketing Innovation and Growth Conference” hosted by JINGdigital was releas. How Enterprise WeChat Helps B2B Enterprises from “Marketing” to “Sales” for the first time. This is another white paper focusing on the WeChat ecosystem of enterprises after the team releas. “How Brands Build an Enterprise WeChat Ecology” in 2019 and “Application of Enterprise WeChat Strategy in the Retail Industry.

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Carry out an experiment on the efficiency of enterprise WeChat with SDRs and sales personnel of high-tech companies as the test objects. B2B Enterprise Marketing Department & SDR Electric Sales Team: Transportation Department of “Ideal City. Ideal City” cultural tourism department. B2B enterprise customer service team: “Ideal City” Resident Service Supply Station. Enterprise interconnected enterprises: ideal city clusters composed of multiple “ideal cities.


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