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It is logical that you do tell something about your own organization. So add that as well, but always relate it to something that is relevant to that person.

3. Commitment

If you are in a substantive conversation with someone, it is easier and feels much more natural (especially less recruitment-like) to refer to open vacancies and ask for an introduction. It is important that you have the first important things ready with which you can give someone a good picture of the organization. This concerns learning & development , people and culture.

Is there already content available for this or is it yet to be made? And what exactly is the description of the role? Make an inventory of what is already available internally and what you can (re)use.

4 & 5. Storyline & Campaign

With sales development campaigns, you always write out your entire story. As soon as you have this on paper, divide this story over different contact moments through different channels. You don’t want to send 1 email with your entire proposition and then 8 reminders. The same goes for your recruitment process. Write out everything you want to share and then divide this with appropriate content over several contact moments.

If you stick to this strategy, have it executed by the right people with the help of the right tooling, success is guaranteed.

A completed playbook is a good basis for your outbound recruitment strategy. See it above all as a dynamic document that you continue to structurally adapt to the lessons you learn from your successes.

Be consistent

If you take this recruitment strategy seriously, you will reap the benefits all year round. Even if you are not continuously looking for candidates, but a number of them throughout the year, you will continue to build a valuable community. You build a relationship Business Development Directors Email Lists with potential candidates for the future, but you also work on your brand awareness . Potential candidates are often also future potential customers, so don’t lose sight of that advantage.

Business Development Directors Managers Email Lists

And finally, the most important tips to take with you before you start:

  • Make sure you make someone responsible for this
  • Do it structurally and create a constant inflow of candidates
  • Don’t send automated messages, but provide an automated workflow with a personal touch
  • A/B test with content, messaging, tone-of-voice, etc. Take the learnings with you and adapt them again in your strateg

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