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Background Having a profile on Linkedin is therefore essential in the digital age, especially if you are looking for a job. Being present on Linkedin will also allow you to build a network in order to promote your business or simply exchange. All the work will then be to make yourself known and to be visible to find a job as well as to manage a business. Linkedin professional social network There we find as follows: His title, Professional experiences, The course, The training courses followed, Skills, The recommendations  and a lot of information that allows you to distinguish yourself from.

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The many users. So to stand out on Linkedin, you have to know how to showcase yourself and understand how the professional network works. Secondly, Linkedin is a great tool for prospecting and generating leads (prospects). Especially in Egypt Phone Number List areas related to B2B. It is through engage conversations and various shared content that profiles create their e-reputation. Linkedin is thus very interesting to work on your personal branding in order to make a difference among the millions of users. The operation from a social network point of view is identical to many other social networks. You can like, comment, share.

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Click on shared links Linkedin also offers an integrated content writing platform. This is a content manager for distributing articles like on a blog. You BTC Database AS can insert a feature image, clickable links, images, videos and podcast-type audio links. Linkedin also integrates an advertising platform in order to target profiles by sector of activity, role, profession and function within companies. There are also many B2B influencers , active users who master the tool and use it on a daily basis. 3 spaces available on Linkedin On Linkedin you can create several types of spaces, 3 in total including the profile which is essential: 1. Linkedin profile or Linkedin account It is essential to create.

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