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As I was saying, we have heard a lot about terms like Growth Hacker or Growth Hacking and suddenly we find linkedin profiles full of individuals who call themselves

If you ask us what Growth Hacking is and we want to describe it directly. We will say that it is a discipline that seeks, with the minimum possible expense and effort. To quickly and noticeably increase the volume of users, or income, or impacts. Of our business. You might interested. Free Mooc on Growth Hacking The idea of ​​Growth Hacking arises from a very basic premise. Grow, grow and grow. Every decision a Growth Hacker makes will be aimed at growing their company . Every strategy, every tactic or initiative goes in that direction. Growth is the sun around which a Growth Hacker revolves.


And to achieve this

It is in charge of redefining the products and. Their distribution so that they reach the maximum number of people possible. Of course, traditional marketers look for that too, but not to the same extent. So what makes the Growth Hacker powerful is his obsession with a single goal: growth. It is Lithuania Phone Number precisely because of this fixation that new Growth Hacking techniques. Methods and tools have appeared that did not exist before and that have become the basis of a growth strategy. If you  interested in this type of methodology. We recommend our Master in Growth Hacking with which you can increase your knowledge and apply it to online marketing strategies.


But let’s put ourselves

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In a situation. If we are a startup, how do we manage to grow when we have just started? A Growth Hacker is clear: you have to get more with less . Nobody likes to invest a lot of money in something that they don’t know if it will work, or in actions that carry risks, such as advertising. Startups that have just started their journey in the business world and are not willing to waste money unnecessarily like to do it even less. This premise is useful for any type of company, but it takes on a special role in a startup that has to try to optimize expenses as much as possible.

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