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Asking Questions as a Bad Thing, Because Asking Questions is Like Creating Problems

After the First Week, Chu Shiying set up That She Was More hysterical to Ask Questions Than European or Middle Eastern scholars. Why This Has Also Come a Schoolwork in His gospel Class, and Eventually He Also derived a Thoughtprovoking Answer. He Believes That We Dare Not Ask Questions Because of Language. The Question in Your Mouth is Question Or Problem Chu Shiying set up That There Are Two Kinds of Problems in the Mouths of Nonnatives, One is Question and the Other is Problem. Do You suppose About That Classmate, and How Do the schoolteacher and


Question is veritably Simple What You Say

When You Want to Get an Answer. Like Why Philippines photo editor Where How There’s No egregious Good or Bad, Just Curiosity Driven mistrustfulness. Problem is a delicate Thing or an unanticipated Situation, and It Can Indeed Be Extended to Refer to the Person Who Causes Trouble, Which is a Negative Word. But There’s No similar Difference in the Socalled Problems in Chinese. When We Say That a Pupil is a Problem Student, We Will Not suppose That He’s a Curious Student Who Wants to Understand Everything in the World, but Will suppose That He’s Not Good scholars, May Not Read Well or Have a Bad Personality. Over Time, We Regard

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People With a Lot of Questions Will Be Regarded as Ignorant.

No Questions Are a Virtue. This is One BTC Database AS of the Fatal Injuries of Allowing That Native Speakers of Chinese Do Not Realize. Chu Shiying We list Figure eschewal Whether the Problem is a Problem or a Question, and We list Tell Whether the Question is a Simple Question or a Pure Heart, So We Are further and further hysterical of Asking Questions, and Indeed hysterical of Being Asked Questions. This Reminds Me of Silence is Golden and Cherishing Words is Golden. Chinese Culture respects Gentleness, Respectfulness, providence and Yield as merits. It’s further intimidating to Do effects Quietly Than to Talk a Lot. It Makes Us hysterical of Expressing Our Opinions in Public. It Makes Us Not Used to Having Our Own Opinions. suppose About It. When I Was a Child in Class, a Classmate Raised His Hand and Said, schoolteacher, I Have a Problem How

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