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Enterprise WeChat and service accounts can complement each other to complete. The closed loop from community drainage to operation. As a corporate brand communication position, the service account can use news push, content push, activity push, etc. For example, after a potential customer follows the official account, the chatbot will make a personaliz reply based on the potential customer’s information. This function can be realized through the JINGlead background. Then guide the fans to the enterprise WeChat according to their needs. Enterprise WeChat, as a traffic operation position, can divert fans from the service account, and the enterprise WeChat customer service will classify and group them according to customers and customer enterprises, and conduct daily community operations.

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B2B WeChat Marketing Scenario 3 – Sales Empowerment Management.

In the traditional B2B marketing scenario, companies have a certain resistance to management. For sales staff, and it is difficult to control the follow-up process throughout. The process, and by manually filling in the customer information to record Denmark Cell Phone Number List customer information. The number of customers entering the company’s private domain will be greatly reduc.

Empower sales staff through the JING tool, help them in customer management. Customer follow-up, report statistics, etc. On the enterprise, the WeChat platform enriches sales follow-up materials and helps enterprises to fully grasp. The customer follow-up process, and analysis and understanding of customers in detail, and efficient. Automat communication and follow-up, thereby increasing the lead conversion rate.

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Customer life cycle management is generally a large-scale marketing team, in close cooperation with the sales team and after-sales team, to establish a complete marketing system. In addition to the marketing center, the enterprise also needs the support of the data center.

Finally in addition to the functions of attracting new traffic and operating transformation, WeChat ecology is also an important channel for enterprises to continuously provide data and help enterprises make more scientific marketing decisions. If you want to know or experience the B2B WeChat marketing tools mentioned in this article, please fill out the form below, and a professional will connect with you.

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