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B2B emailing how to properly target your audience

A preferred prospecting tool for b2b companies, emailing allows you to send the right message to the right person at the right time, provided you choose your target carefully. No more “mass mailing”, now it’s time to personalize the marketing message, which means targeting your campaigns well and regularly updating your contact database. B2b emailing campaigns: reach your target well the power of targeting is one of the many advantages of emailing. By targeting specific contacts, you improve the engagement of your targets and increase your return on investment. Unfortunately, some marketers don’t realize the importance of targeting. They thus send their campaigns, en masse, to their entire base, reducing both their performance and the power of the message broadcast.

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Worse still, by systematically addressing all their messages to the same contacts, without performing any prior segmentation, they increase their unsubscribe rate. Targeting remains a determining factor in the success of any emailing campaign. Even with the best Nepal Phone Number List message, your opening and conversion rates will remain low if you haven’t selected the right targets upstream and if you don’t regularly update your contact database. Some companies tend to neglect their base. However, a relevant database is a regularly updated database. Need to evaluate the performance of your emailing campaigns? Discover our checklist: “the 9 indicators of your emailing campaigns to know”.

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Download the checklist database rental: hit your target audience in 2019, 35% of companies combined internal and external resources as part of their emailing campaigns compared to 26% in 2018. We are therefore seeing a trend towards outsourcing which, according to BTC Database AS the state of email marketing report validity study, demand metric , would be due to the need for companies to have access to precise and exploitable data. Not all b2b companies have this type of resource available, especially smes and vses. Database rental gives you immediate access to a larger target without having to collect the data yourself.

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