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The most efficient to get a return on investment. It thus brings more credibility to the companies that register with it. LinkedIn has several features that could improve your marketing strategy and increase your performance as a business. You will find, in the following lines, a selection of these functionalities. The social network basically offers 3 spaces like Facebook: The personal profile: It allows you to present your professional background, your experiences, the training courses followe, your content, etc. The professional page: This is your company page through which you will share your news and content.

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Relate to your activity. The discussion group: Like a forum, the group allows you to interact with several subscribers on or several specific subjects. The Hootsuite solution: sharing tool Hootsuite is a content sharing tool that was founde in 2008. It is therefore one of the very first tools that makes it easier to manage your publications, and to respond mor quickly to Uganda Phone Number List comments. Hootsuite also lets you track and analyze content, as well as interact across different social channels, not just LinkedIn. Linkedin features By scheduling your posts, you’ll be able to schedule your content to air on specific dates and times. Thus you will gain in productivity and will be able to gain visibility more quickly by establishing your sharing.

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Thanks to Hootsuite, you will be able to expand your audience and obtain better targeting. Thanks to its analysis of company performance and user trends, you can also improve your services and thus optimize them. Open for Business For you who own a BTC Database AS business, Open for Business can be very useful. For companies that offer services, Open for Business allows you to get known more quickly. To have access to this feature, you have to look on your it. It is, in fact, to insert all the information on the services you offer. To learn more about this option offered by LinkedIn click here: LinkedIn Open for Business LinkedIn.

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