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The lure of profit highlights the business vector. More than the influence itself, and it is often a question of a border. At the dawn of professionalization. In some cases, it’s the money and it doesn’t go much further. It is therefore in the hands of the communities and therefore of the Internet users. To untangle this bag of knots and to glimpse the sincerity of the influencers. On the other hand, it is up to the influencer to gain the trust of their audience and to be completely transparent with them if necessary. But again! There are real influencers and content creators who are driven by real passion. It is not a question of making.

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Generality but of raising this dark side behind the business that it generates. In the same principle as community management in the field , influencers have every interest in meeting their community, for several reasons mentione below. Influencer marketing can still Uruguay Phone Number List evolve and erase the stains it has on it, due to influencers who have been unscrupulous and greedy for money. Influencers who create proximity with their community Principle borrowe from the stars of the music world of which Justin Timberlake was an emblematic icon on this subject, the proximity create with the fans or with his community is.

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Neither more nor less than marketing. It is very often on the advice of an agent that stars act this way, and for influencers, it’s a safe bet that it takes the same path, insofar as their actions and gestures are no longer completely free. influencer who meets his BTC Database AS community As soon as there is an agent managing influencers among the most popular, they no longer do what they want because the latter plans a good part of their actions. Some still have a latitude that they want to keep, but in any case, the proximity create with their community still offers many advantages. You don’t nee to be a big influencer and/or popular to meet.

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