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Build a knowledge system and achieve self-advancement. Have you reviewed it?

here was even anxiety about lack of thinking. I got the Liang Ning product thinking series courses, which sold as high as 10 million, and strongly harvested the IQ tax.

If any industry, enterprise, department or individual lacks a product perspective, it may be eliminated in the fierce business competition; this article talks about review from the perspective of product thinking and how we can apply review.

This is also the origin of this article. It builds a personal knowledge system through review, and sets aside useless knowledge anxiety and useless fragmented reading.

 Build a knowledge system from 0 to 1

What is a system? It is not a point, not a line, but a network, a three-dimensional network (body). For knowledge, what we initially receive is usually a knowledge point, such as the theme of this article (review).


Then, add before, cause, after, and effect to this fragmented information.

Why does this matter to me?

Doing a good review can help you effectively summarize your experience and build your own knowledge system.

How did this information come about?

When summarizing the project, I found that New Zealand Mobile Number many people on the Internet are using the method of review. After checking it, I feel that it is more effective, and I am ready to use it for myself.

Cause (mutually caused by each other):

What assumptions are made about the cause? How can these assumptions be verified or ruled out? Are there other possibilities?

Deduction method, induction method, PDCA Deming ring, PDF ring.

What if it has been done from the information? What is the benefit (utility) for me?

Summarize experience and rules, and there are rules to follow when doing the same thing again.

What are the consequences of not doing so? How serious is the problem of not changing?

If you don’t do a review, don’t sum up experience and lessons in time, your ability will not be able to improve quickly, and it will be a dream to get a promotion and a salary increase to marry Bai Fumei.

Then add the applicable, the use, the boundary and the boundary.

Is there an opposing view? Are there any instances where this is not supported?

I have used the review thinking more or less before, but I still haven’t had a good first half of my life.

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To do so, what are the requirements (considering cost-benefit, attitude, capacity…)?

What other way could this be done?

After reflection, previous projects or knowledge summaries are just coping, without in-depth thinking and connection with existing knowledge.

Has there been similar (or similar at first glance) information in the past? How do other fields/industries/people solve similar problems?

Lenovo’s PDF ring, PDCA Deming ring, RIA demolition calligraphy, etc. can all be used to summarize project experience.

What is the real difference from this information, whether it is the opposite or similar information? Where is the junction?

In order to successfully use the review method, you need to achieve a certain degree of self-discipline, to have the determination to change yourself, and to be responsible for yourself.

But such information is still linear, and it needs to add another dimension to make it three-dimensional, that is, to relate and interact with itself: reflection and action.

Reflection points to the past (A1) and action points to the future (A2).

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