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Building a more secure web why you should migrate

Before we dive in, let’s quickly understand http and https. These are the most used protocols on the web. Http: hypertext transfer protocol – a simple protocol for sending and receiving text-based messages. Https: hypertext transfer protocol secure – the same protocol as http, but the text is encrypted . How https bridges the gap: google (and many others) are committed to making the web safer for all users. In 2014, google had its campaign everywhere when they advertised https as a ranking signal and started indexing secure pages over non-secure ones. Google indexing conditions: it must not contain insecure dependencies. The robots txt file does not block crawling.

An ssl certificate will create

You must not redirect users through an insecure http page. It must not have a rel=”canonical” link to the http page. Must not contain a non-indexed robots meta tag. It should not have external links to http urls. The sitemap lists the https url or doesn’t show the http version Argentina Phone Number List of the url. The server has a valid tls certificate. The first condition is a critical requirement. The page must not include “insecure dependencies”. Many pages include insecure images, embeds, videos, etc. Google has even created its own guide, “secure your website with https”. According to data from builtwith, about 6.3% of the top 100,000 sites are using ssl.

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Common myths about migrating

Apart from the increase in google ranking, there are several other reasons why you should consider going for https as the protocol of your website. In conclusion, Some additional benefits are: increased security: one of the main reasons. In conclusion, why running https is important is, of course, for security! The BTC Database AS reason you need an ssl certificate for e-commerce and other transactional sites is because they process sensitive information . For other sites, a great reason to go https is the wordpress login page . If you’re not running an https connection, your username and password are sent in clear text over the internet. Anyone can snoop and capture wordpress logins over unsecured connections using a variety of free tools.

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