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Producing turnips We balance by doing pseudo sponsorship and working for. Associations or others, in order to collect donations under cover of our influence. The principle remains laudable, because it demonstrates that influence. Marketing can be use to defend causes and collect donations to move forward. This is not bad in itself, but the practice among these agent-manage influencers is more a matter of well-orchestrate marketing. Sincerity of influencers For independent influencers it’s different, because they work themselves on the actions to be carrie out, even if it remains a smart job to take care.

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Their image or their personal branding. The stars of show business You could say it’s almost food when some stars lend their names to a brand, but there too it’s still business, but with a choice that must respond to ethics and/or values. We Ukraine Phone Number List cannot imagine anyone other than George Clooney embodying Nespresso. Here we enter a form of influence that is more oriente towards brand ambassadors. In any case, it’s business, and it remains a vector where the ROI is effective and important in many cases. The agents and or agencies who manage these stars are marketing experts and know very well how to guide.

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The stars in their choices. In summary It is very difficult to find the limit where the lure of profit takes over, because influence marketing is a lever that BTC Database AS brews all areas and all types of influencers. Influencers themselves are not all in the same boat; macro, micro, nano, stars with different needs and expectations and proven or unproven ethics. In addition, we can also raise campaigns that are not always in agreement or in phase with some of these influencers. Is it the brands’ fault, the influencer’s lack of flair? Hard to say ! They are no longer all masters of their actions and of the content they produce. Sometimes you have to increase the pace even if it means.

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