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Buying B2B email databases 5 tips for obtaining quality contact files

The purchase of an email base is very popular with companies that want to acquire customers quickly. To benefit from an optimal return on investment, it is necessary to choose the right email provider. Here are 5 tips for buying a quality b2b contact file. What to know before buying a b2b email file buying a b2b contact base combined with an effective email campaign is a great way to win customers quickly and cheaply. This process is particularly appreciated by entrepreneurs and business leaders who wish to quickly launch an activity but do not yet have a sufficient customer base to reach their break-even point. But beware, the purchase of a b2b email database should not be taken lightly! Indeed.

Most have a standard search

The acquisition of a base of poor quality (for example a b2b directory purchased for a few euros on the internet) can be counterproductive. Untargeted, insufficiently qualified or outdated emails can have negative consequences such as: a deliverability rate that is too low for the return on investment (roi) to be interesting a risk of seeing his mailbox Wuhan Phone Number List marked as spam by messaging services to obtain a high-roi quality email database that will allow you to win customers quickly, here is what you need to know: 5 tips for buying a btob email database the purchase of an email database is not to be taken lightly. Not all data providers are equal, and gdpr legislation means being very careful. About the type of data you hold and how you use it. Here are some tips for a b2b email purchase: 1.

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This is where things get tricky

Precisely target your prospecting needs when it comes to buying b2b contact files. It’s best to focus on quality over quantity. Indeed, an ultra-targeted file will be beneficial on all levels: a high rate of opening emails reduces the risk of being categorized spam by messaging services, a high and faster conversion rate, a purchase cost generally less high BTC Database AS the file being less massive, etc. You must therefore define your target prospects upstream: activity, geographical area, size, etc. You will be able to refine your searches with the contact base supplier you have chosen. Standard research is not effective for effective targeting… how do you search your contact provider effectively.

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