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By the time these factories started up again

Arrives and with the pandemic production stops in its tracks, but not so the demand that continued to grow exponentially. The inhabitants of the earth had to lock themselves in our homes and subject our routines to a digital transformation: through teleworking, entertainment with video games, communications by video calls… In turn, the microchip factories were closed for a time and when they opened, they prioritized their manufacture and supply to this type of element, promoting digitization.

To find out how the industry is suffering

Demand for these products skyrocketed as car manufacturing factories came to a grinding halt. Inesem business school course in microcomputer systems and networks (university degree with 5 ects credits) more information which sectors are the most affected Latvia Phone Number by the microchip crisis? To find out how the industry is suffering from the shortage of microchip production, we have to turn to sectors such as the automotive industry. A car can have up to 5,000 microchips. By the time these factories started up again, the microchip suppliers had shifted their sales to the digital sector.

The drop in production in spain

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The added problem of this automotive sector is that they work with the just in time system, that is, they ask for the exact quantity that they are going to assemble, therefore they are not prepared for a stock break in supplies. The drop in production in spain is around 25% of normal production. This gives rise to taking measures to. Alleviate costs such as ertes because there is no raw material to finish manufacturing the cars. In addition to causing global uncertainty in the supply chain due to decisions made suddenly and without foresight.

At this time, the toy sector , due to the proximity of the black friday and. Christmas campaign , is suffering the consequences of this crisis. Today we have forgotten about traditional toys and we have insisted on subjecting them to a digital adaptation as well. Now, we will suffer the consequences. Added problems to the microchip crisis to this crisis of microchips is added that of transport and containers. Intercontinental maritime logistics flows have also fallen. World trade is delayed due to the shortage of ships. The collapse of containers in american ports or the closure of asian ports due to the delta variant of the

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