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Receptive and convince by the company’s message, if it comes from a creator they follow and appreciate. Stellar , the influencer marketing SaaS solution gives you the steps and key elements to find the influencers that match your brand, your message, speak to your target audience and are also top performers, base on the data. Stellar influencer Define your influence strategy Before looking for relevant influencers for your campaign , you have to build your strategy. This is the first and most important step, because it determines the rest of the process. Define your influence strategy By defining your influence.

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Strategy you are then able to answer the following questions: What are the goals you want to achieve. Who is your target audience? What social network would you like to appear on. What message do you want to convey. What budget do you have available? Taking the time to answer these questions will give you the decision-making criteria to choose your Australia Phone Number List influencers well and support you throughout the influencer campaign process. Find and select influencers During the second step, the questions to ask and the statistics to analyze will be discusse in order to give you the path to follow to find and select the right.

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Influencers for your campaign. How to find influencers? To find an influencer, you have several possible options, which however have different levels of precision and effectiveness. First, you can do manual searches directly from social networks. How to find influencers? This technique is nevertheless very time-consuming and the analysis of the quality BTC Database AS of the profile is complicate because it requires collecting and reworking the statistics of each publication by hand. You can also use an influence marketing solution  in the form of a Saas, which will then allow you to select your future ambassadors directly from the tool. The Stellar platform gives you.

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