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Can you live on the internet and long term

Possibly one of the questions we ask ourselves. The most when we start in this medium or even when we have been there for. Some time and have not yet achieved the expected objectives. But this question cannot be answered only with a yes or a no, there are many variants within. The online world and passive monetization, and it will not only depend on the time spent. It will also have the choice of your market niche, your short-term goals. Medium and long term, your knowledge, competence and a large number of possibilities. In this article i am not going to teach you how to do it, i will only try to give you the guidelines so that your online project can work, beware, it may not mean that it works, but at least you will be on a safe path.

Companies must take advantage of

The Internet as a tool to communicate. That they exist and demonstrate the products and services they deliver to the market. Internet advertising is very important today: Do you know Google AdWords? Do you know Facebook as a platform to advertise? Do you know what SEO positioning is? In my case, 80% of the new clients I make come from one Philippines Photo Editor of these routes that I have mentioned. Area: Production Test to analyze business. Is the necessary preventive maintenance carried out on machinery and equipment to extend its useful life and avoid unnecessary breakdowns as much as possible? Taking care of your equipment and your infrastructure is essential in your organization, but unfortunately this is not seen in many businesses. Production and billing always prevail before preventive maintenance to the equipment.

We do in the company to save time when executing

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Could some of the steps you carry out in your processes be automated? Do you think things could be done a little differently and more efficiently? Area: Administration – Accounting – Finance business quiz. Are there a few days a month BTC Database AS dedicated to billing clients? This is something that all companies do since otherwise they would not deposit money in their banks, but as incredible as it may seem, not all companies carry it out rigorously on the same days of each month. Establish your billing period, communicate it to your clients and always comply with that period in which they will receive the invoices for their payment.

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