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Capitalism is no longer an ideology, it is a tool

In his versatility. Demonstrated over 30 intense years dedicated to his passion. Communication. José carlos león ended up defining what he wanted to contribute from his trench in favor of society through el viso media. The audiovisual production company in which makes various actions compatible. Such as video production or management of corporate social networks of those companies that contact requesting their services.

Disseminator. Creative director. Teacher and  Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers writer with “four and a half books” on the market. José carlos is clear that in life all the decisions that are made. All the actions that are carried out. Can and must be done with a positive purpose to oneself and for everyone. Otherwise we would be falling on deaf ears creating content with little or no use.

As if that were not enough

He also has time to collaborate in other digital media and to keep his personal blog. Comicpublicidad . Active since 2005. Where he expands giving his point of view on different topics related to current affairs. Without stopping commenting on various advertising and communication aspects.

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To show everything that el viso media can offer. Godaddy was the clear choice as a hosting provider through website builder + marketing. Which josé carlos himself considers very easy to use.

With godaddy you just have to know what to tell. Or better yet. Just have something to tell. And the best thing is that you can make as many changes as you want in just a few clicks.

Image of josé carlos león

looking at his writing board.
Interview with josé carlos león. From el viso media
1. Hi jose carlos! First of all. We want to know a little about you. Who you are. How you got to the point of having your own company and what advice you could give to those people who want to start a business but don’t dare to take the step.


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