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How to choose an influencer for your product

Cyprien in the field of humor, noholita for fashion, enjoyphoenix for lifestyle, family coste in the travel section, marine leleu for sport or even roxane’s workshop for pastry… These french people all have one thing in common: they are influencers. But who are they exactly? What is their role ? Decryption. Who are the influencers? Previously, they would have been called guru or opinion leader. In 2018, they are called influencers . According to a recent survey, half of french influencers are between 19 and 30 years old. The “oldest” then become role models for the youngest who also hope to obtain this coveted status! Some contributors broadcast content followed by a large community on the various social networks.

He is respected for his in depth

To the extent that their opinions are able to modify the behavior of readers, they are considered influencers. Wedig’s web advertising experts , connoisseurs of social management, have identified five different ones. The sentinel influencer this internet user is on the lookout for the slightest news, the latest news or rumours. Very proud Jordan Phone Number List of his discoveries, he publishes at a high rate, often several articles a day. The trendsetter this influencer already enjoys a good reputation. Endowed with a good capacity for analysis and reflection, his articles are a reference. Its production is lower but expected and spotted. The expert and evaluator often evolving in the world of high tech culture, but not only, this influencer tests and rates brand products. Knowledge and sought after for his credibility.

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They have a feed full of photos

The gunslinger its banknotes are recognizable by their original style. The gunslinger gives very clear-cut opinions (that’s why we appreciate him) and very convincing. It has a high impact on the behavior of its followers. The historic blogger blogger BTC Database AS for a long time, he now benefits from a very important network and a great reputation. Highly followed, these influencers can significantly amplify the dissemination of information or a presentation. They are communication pros. Whether they are 15 or 30 years old, influencers manage their communication like pros. At the same time press communication officers, bloggers, community managers they wear several hats.

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