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Chunchi Glass Creates a New Generation of Recycling Qatar Phone Number

The types and materials of glass are different. And it is easy to break and cut people. Which increases the difficulty of recycling and processing costs. In addition. The price of silica sand ore, the main raw material for making glass. Is cheap, making the glass recycling business with extremely low economic benefits. Few people are interested, but wu chunchi. The founder of chunchi glass. Was able to find business opportunities from it. And devoted himself to the production of waste glass recycling with perseverance. Under the subtle influence of his father. Wu ting’an, the second-generation person in charge. Further developed high value-added glass. Products, re-endow the glass with infinitely extended. Life and extraordinary value. Tom_8396 photo credit: chunchi glass recycling is not easy. Starting from the source is the most labor-saving there are five waste glass. Processing and reprocessing plants in hsinchu and miaoli .


The annual recycling volume of Chunchi glass

Teaches more than 100,000 metric tons,  Qatar Phone Number a for about 70% of the waste glass in Taiwan. Wu Tingan said that Chunchi glass not only reduces the amount of glass in Taiwan every year Mining about 70,000 tons of silicon ore will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to building 500 Daan Forest Parks. However, such a huge amount of recycling must have sufficient production capacity and sales to maintain. Therefore, Chunchi Glass divides its main sales channels into three categories: art products, building materials and raw materials. Picture_2 Photo Credit: Spring Pool Glass Before recycled glass is remanufactured, it must undergo color separation, classification, impurity removal and cleaning, coarse crushing, fine crushing and grinding, and size screening before it can become recycled glass crushed material. In the early days, the types of glass were relatively simple, mostly bottles and jars.

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However, with the advancement of technology

In the past three decades, the types of glass have become more diversified, such as flat glass for windows, and LCD glass for mobile phones and tablets. The processing and remanufacturing procedures have become more complicated. Wu Tingan said: “At first, the recycled glass in the factory was separated and sorted by hand, but it was time-consuming, laborious and inefficient. Later, a fully automatic sorting machine was introduced from Europe. It can process ten tons of waste glass in one hour, which is equivalent to 10 times the production capacity of 5-8 people. However, the most ideal way is to do a good job of sorting from the source, so the back-end procedures can be greatly reduced. Picture_3 Photo Credit: Chunchi Glass Caption: After the LCD screen glass is melted in a

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