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Are your web marketing campaigns effective? Do you draw any conclusions when they are finished? If this is not the case, web analytics can help you see more clearly in the behavior and actions of internet users who visit your website or your mobile app. Often overlooked by web entrepreneurs, this strategy will move you forward in your project and give you a different perspective of your business and in making future decisions. Wedig angers, webanalysis agency can help you set up a data processing strategy to convert better! Collect a sum of performance indicators before being able to understand what is happening on your website, tools like google analytics to collect your data must be taken in hand.

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You will then have access to a wealth of information on the behavior of internet users. It is not enough to focus on general information such as the number of visitors, the bounce rate or the number of pages viewed. From experience, data that is Lithuania Phone Number List more complex and more difficult to analyze is just as important. We know these indicators and will accompany you in the exploitation of these in order to meet the success in your future web marketing campaigns. Webanalysis need a telephone conversation? Understand the reaction of your web visitors. Google analytics when you set up an emailing system or perform. Web advertising, you must have in mind and follow the following scheme: marketing lever. Landing on the site product discoverypurchase a digital marketing plan must absolutely follow this logic.

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Obviously, not everyone who arrives on the website necessarily makes a purchase. But this process can help you better understand. The user journey and any difficulties encountered. For example, if there is a large proportion of internet users who BTC Database AS stop the process at the same time, it is necessary to exploit the information and try to find an explanation for this phenomenon. In addition, you will be able to follow up each. Internet user in a personalized way, taking into account where they left off. You are probably losing too many sales and too many customers due to a bad user journey. Trust our experts to guide you and to redevelop together a new webmarketing strategy.

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