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Trouble understanding their codes identifying their. Expectations and finding the right ways to attract them. What are the specificities and aspirations of this ultra-connected generation? How to use social networks to attract them? How to adapt to their codes to build a young and innovative employer brand? Answers in this article. 1. Millennials: who are they? As previously announced they are to date between 15 and 34 years old. Having grown up with the internet, they are used to simplicity, immediacy and fluidity. They like recruitment processes to be fast and appreciate the responsiveness of a recruiter. They want to be able to apply easily and in a few clicks. The quest for meaning in their

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Work is a driving force for them. It is important that their work has real utility and resonates with their values. Nevertheless, the work-life balance remains essential for this generation because work is not an existential priority for them. Millennials: who are they? In addition, Millennials are addicted to social networks. Their smartphone always at hand, they spend a Indonesia Phone Number List considerable amount of time surfing the internet and especially on social media. According to the Baromobile 2017 annual barometer published by Omnicom Media Group, 98% of Millennials connect every day from their smartphone, on average.

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Overall  of respondents connect daily to Facebook, 39% to Google and 25% to their mailbox. The 15-24 age group favors social networks and instant messaging. They are thus 78% to use this type of application every day, mainly Facebook and Snapchat. As BTC Database AS you will have understood, to attract talent among Millennials, companies today must bet on social networks. 2. How to use social networks to attract Millennials? Which social networks are preferred? As we have seen, the number 1 network for young people remains Facebook , even if it is currently losing momentum. Snapchat and Instagram are also popular with this younger generation. Being present on these.

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