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In this article I focus on the words that are frequently misspelled in business texts. Often misspelled words such as the only one, barbeque or sex I omit in this article.

As a text corrector I am professionally involved with language. Every day I get a large portion of language errors on my plate. From all these words, I’ve made a list of the ten most common spelling mistakes I see.


The top 10 most common spelling mistakes in business texts:

🔟 Whatsapp

The correct spelling is: whatsapp .

WhatsApp is a proper name and, as the creator of the name invented it, should be written with two capital letters in this case. If you use the word as a generic name, meaning ‘a message sent via WhatsApp’, you write ‘whatsapp’. If you use the word as a verb, the capital letters should always be omitted, so: whatsapp.

Also rea

 for free

The correct spelling is: free of charge .

In derivations with the suffix -loos, we don’t write a between-n between the root and the suffix: interestless, indecisive, carefree, limitless, and so on. The spelling  for free is therefore incorrect according to the Chairman Email Lists official language rules. Because the word with between -n occurs frequently, it can easily be defended as an alternative spelling.

 social media policy

Chairman Email Lists

The correct spelling is: social media policy .

Funny to report: even the free Microsoft Word spell checker sees the correct spelling as wrong! You generally write compositions together in Dutch. Yet many write this word with a space/spaces or with a hyphen (social media policy, social media policy, social media policy). Although this is incorrect according to the official spelling, there is something to be said for using the hyphen: it increases readability.


The correct spelling is: updated .

We conjugate a verb of English origin as if it were an original Dutch verb. We write the trunk in the same way as in English: save (seev), save, savede, saved and therefore also update (updeet), update, updated, updated . You can get around this difficulty by simply using a synonym like updated or upgraded .

The correct spelling is: Facebook account .

What is special is that Facebook itself spells this word incorrectly! As with the word social media policy (see number 8) here too, against the official language rules, you can choose to use the hyphen to increase readability.

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