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Competitive Product Analysis Zhaopin,, Boss Direct Employment Report

The article selects three APPs: 5.5.5, Zhaopin and Boss Zhipin as the analysis objects (does not involve PC-side related services). From the perspective of these three products, it analyzes the characteristics of the three products in terms of product structure, function, interaction and interface, and further Understand the development status of the three.

Policies Factors

Online Recruitment Industry PEST Analysis

As well as State Council recently issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Employment Promotion”, which clarified the guiding ideology, basic principles, main objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures for employment promotion during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.

As well as “Plan” pointed out that adhering to the implementation of the employment priority strategy, comprehensively improving the employment Thailand Phone Number and entrepreneurial ability of workers, and achieving relatively sufficient and high-quality employment are the inherent requirements for cultivating new drivers of economic development and promoting economic transformation and upgrading. It is of great significance for giving full play to people’s creative ability, promoting the increase of people’s income, ensuring basic life, and adapting to people’s pursuit of their own value.

Main types and operation modes of online recruitment

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As well as the development of the Internet in China, my country’s online recruitment platform has gradually entered a period of diversified expansion after the development of the budding exploration period, the growth maturity period, and the stable development period. Its business fields are diversified, covering all aspects of the entire recruitment industry, and gradually improve the filling and Build the entire industry chain of the industry.

As well as 2019, my country’s online recruitment platform has formed five recruitment modes: comprehensive recruitment, vertical recruitment, social recruitment, classified information recruitment and emerging recruitment modes.

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