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COVID19 Containment Confined Prospecting Survival Guide

The coronavirus pandemic and containment are forcing companies to review their prospecting and communication methods. Trade fairs and professional events are canceled at best postponed, and it is no longer possible to meet. How to keep in touch with the market and which channels to favor to find prospects? Here are some answers to help you find business opportunities in times of crisis. Emailing, powerful, efficient and simple to implement if emailing remains the preferred channel for marketers, it’s not for nothing! An essential lever, email marketing is also the most effective (smart insights). It is the one that generates the most customer orders as well as higher volumes of leads than pay- per-click campaigns and display advertising.

It allows you to be visible

In addition, it offers a higher return on investment than any other marketing lever (report marketing email tracker dma) . Emailing is used as the main customer acquisition lever by 81% of smes and as a loyalty tool by 80% of them (etail/emarys) . He is considered the third Slovenia Phone Number List most influential source in b2b (cmi) . Lead nurturing and content marketing, more topical than ever during confinement, most workers find themselves either teleworking or on partial unemployment. They therefore have more time to search the web and consume the content offered by companies. In addition, faced with the economic uncertainties generated by this crisis, your customers and prospects need more than ever to be advised and nurtured.

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Feed them with marketing content adapted to the context: white papers , infographics, webinars, practical guides… By maintaining the marketing/sales relationship during this period, you maximize your chances of transforming your prospects and customers and BTC Database AS retaining your existing customers . Create new content and feel free to update old articles. Are your white papers already activated? Recycle them , you will save time. The b2b marketplace to remain permanently. Visible at this time when all the major b2b fairs are either postponed or cancelled. The lead generation platform ( the b2b marketplace ) is more than ever your ally. Privileged channel for professional buyers, it gives the possibility of comparing offers and making the right choices with complete objectivity.

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