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For good reason what other type ofyour profile. The more detailed and complete it will be, the more you will send a positive and serious image of your company. There is even an indicator on the site called Profile strength. Which gives credibility to your page. Conversely, a profile that is poorly or insufficiently informed will reflect the image of a company that is not very involved in its digital communication. 2. Post content If LinkedIn stands out from other networks by its vocation to address the professional world , certain tricks to attract audiences remain common to those of its colleagues.

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Your Timef possible attractive. Multiply the use of images and video, which drastically increase the interest aroused among other users. For example, you can publish interviews, or an educational tour of your premises. Post short videos, and responsive Taiwan Phone Number List content as much as possible. 3. Cross channel This is again fairly universal advice in any web marketing strategy . Your LinkedIn professional page should not run in a vacuum, but on the contrary be integrated into your overall content marketing strategy, and point to your other social networks. And vice versa.

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For example, it is estimated that YouTube videos shared on LinkedIn have a huge impact and success with the audience that follows you on the professional network. Multiply the links between your different social networks, by integrating LinkedIn. 4. Help and share, especially in groups As with other social networks, acquiring and growing your audience on BTC Database AS LinkedIn requires offering quality content. Therefore preferably share useful content, which interests your subscribers, or responds to some of their problems. Let them benefit, for example, from your expertise in BTC Database AS your field of activity. You can also do this within groups, as well as create a group related to your company’s activity. Thus, you federate and help a community.


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