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Therefore have great refree to use very high quality photographs for both the profile and the cover. For your profile, the 450×450 pixel format is perfect. If you wonder why these images are so important, know that a profile displaying a photo is viewe 14 times more than one without. For the cover photograph, you will have to think first of all about the message you want to present. This is indee your header. Your company logo is naturally the simplest solution, but you can also opt for an image relate to your field of activity or even a quote that perfectly matches your philosophy. These two photos will capture the visitor’s attention but it is not enough. You also have to hold it.

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For this you must introduce yourself personally. You have 120 characters to best define your personal title. Choose your keywords carefully, they are the path to your page. Title, description and url on Linkedin The visitor stays? You have to show him who you are and what you offer. Take the title and develop, especially not forgetting to highlight Portugal Phone Number List the assets you offer. This is where the visitor learns that he needs you. Think that only the first 3 lines are visible, they are the ones that must seduce. Finally, do not hesitate to modify your profile address assigne by the site. Once your profile is online, don’t forget to update it regularly. New product ? Write it down. Find your potential customers on.

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Linkedin You introduce yourself, that’s good, but that’s obviously not enough to attract new prospects. You will have to search for them on the BTC Database AS platform and for this, the Boolean search is your best ally. Impossible to target a prospect without going through this search. social selling Linkedin The social network offers several formulas  free and Premium version – that you – or your salespeople – must use to do social selling . In the standard version, all the words entere in the search field will be searche in all the profiles.

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