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You can use today posted Phone Number 2 coverage-of-stolen-content-marketing-ideas in 2013,. Joe pulizzi published a popular article titled 8 remarkable (and stolen) content marketing ideas. In it, he shared his favorite insights from others in the content marketing space. While these original “stolen” ideas are definitely worth revisiting, here are seven more from 2015 . That come from blog posts and speakers from content marketing world. Each of these things changed my thinking, directly attributed to better content, or should be implemented in 2016. Not only am I stealing people’s ideas, but I’m also stealing joe’s post format.. Try a Phone Number new thing in each piece of content stolen from: jay acunzo | jay.

When to Try This

You’re in a content rut and/or want to Phone Number continually challenge yourself to create better content. In august, jay threw down the gauntlet with this challenge: the next time you create anything, whether for work or pleasure. Here’s what I challenge you to try: at the top of your notes or draft, write a placeholder that goes simply Malaysia Phone Number reads: “a different thing. “Then, at the end of your work, before you start publishing, make sure you have something written next to it. I pass this challenge on to you. How can you try something new every time you post something? Some things. May work – and some may not – but I guarantee you’ll start thinking more creatively. Determine which keywords you almost rank for.

Malaysia Phone Number

Stolen From: Andy Crestodina

Crestodina when to try this: you want to get more visibility Phone Number for certain key terms. One of my goals for 2016 is to be systematic and diligent with the data we collect – and to ensure how we use the data we take the time to collect. While I’ve compiled lots of tips and worked with the cmi team on creating internal dashboards, I love this tip from andy which is really simple. Search engine optimization is the slowest form of marketing I know. It really is. But Phone Number there’s a big shortcut… it’s the only fast seo tactic.

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