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Covid 19 Improve your lead processing process to better deal

The covid-19 crisis is forcing smes to quickly generate turnover so as not to put jobs, or even the entire company, at risk. The confinement period was marked by a generalization of telework and an acceleration of digital sourcing. The opportunities to generate leads through digital are therefore numerous, provided they are handled correctly. What if this health crisis was an opportunity to update your lead management processes? The importance of treating your leads well in times of crisis! The period of confinement and deconfinement were marked by a phenomenon of acceleration of digital sourcing with an increase in requests for quotes of around 15% in a context of reduced activity ( webinar infopro digital leads/companeo ).

The first thing to do is therefore

A trend that should continue in the coming months, telework remaining, for the moment, the rule in most companies. Trade shows and other major physical b2b events being, for the time being, either canceled or postponed to a later date, digital remains the only acquisition Peru Phone Number List channel to generate business in the short term, provided you know how to handle your leads! Qualification of leads: a mandatory step! At the time of covid-19, filling the commercial. Pipe is more than ever the number one priority for companies. Which have different levers for this, starting with the b2b marketplace. Emailing which has seen its responsiveness rate multiplied by two during confinement or even the webinar.

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An effective lead generation

But what happens to these leads once generated? 61% of companies send them directly to sales teams and only 27% of these leads will be qualified (marketingsherpa). However, qualification remains an essential step in the lead management process. It allows you both to BTC Database AS identify which prospects should be given priority to your salespeople and to better situate them in the purchasing cycle. You then avoid overloading your teams with leads without the intention. Of buying and you improve your commercial performance as well as your return on investment. Be responsive to generate short-term business 35-50% of sales go to the salesperson who responds first to a lead.

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